Kiss The Sky Hendrix Art

This site presents unique Jimi Hendrix paintings and popular musician portraits by artist L. Ross Parker available as fine art prints. His five part exhibit features:
• A Birth to death visual biography series.
• Famous guitarist testimonials and Hendrix quotes.
• Depictions of 12 Jimi Hendrix songs.
• 25 other rock and jazz personality paintings.
We also provide our Omega Graphics Service providing graphic commissions and freelance graphic design where you can order custom CD and novel cover designs, logos, posters, and original Jimi Hendrix art. For more information about Taos artist L. Ross Parker, please contact us at
Here you will find amazing psychedelic music art depicting Jimi Hendrix images ranging from digital collage to outer space. In the "Other Pesonalities" section you'll find John & Yoko in Strawberry Fields, Jim Morrison during his time in France, Miles Davis on safari in Africa, and Bob Marley in performance. You can also see Pink Floyd from their peak, a latter-day Frank Zappa, J.C. as the good shepard, and other greats in their prime like the Grateful Dead, Santana, and Janis Joplin.